Learning to Live with Jesus

Written by: Zoe Matchett

Hi this is Zoe, often called Ian’s daughter learning to live with Jesus which is great most of the time but can sometimes be quite a lot to live up to. This blog is about learning to live with Jesus. Most of the time I can get involved in a lot of the events at the base, go to Christmas parties at Paisley, make loads of great friends, go on amazing outreaches and many, many, many more! A great example of this is when I went to Africa, in April 2019. I went with Dad and an outreach team and had the time of my life. We got to spread the Word and at the same time enjoy the different culture and weather!  We also connected with a Christian family who want there to be a base in their country and have land on which it could be built.

 As well as all of these amazing things that Christians my age get to do there are also a few difficulties. School may be one for some people, as friends and frenemies may be confused as to why you would follow a religion and go “on holiday” but not relax by a pool eating ice cream all day. Some may be so confused that they start “bullying” who ever it is. I am very lucky learning to live with Jesus in many ways, but this is one that I think is very important, not being bullied, not having to judge myself every two seconds because I am afraid of what people think. This is a very big advantage, especially when I go on outreach because otherwise, I would be extremely self-conscious and not much help.

 Another downside is that we often don’t have enough money for everything that we want. We have plenty for what we need, but it is often very difficult to have to say no I can’t get that we don’t have enough money. On a happier note I get to do this! And as well as doing this I can help Dad record songs and learn to fix leaks, boilers and loads of other useful skills in life.  And many, many other things like this. Thanks for reading, I really hope I didn’t bore you!

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