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Lectio Divina

What is Lectio Divina? Lectio Divina is a wonderful spiritual discipline that can be done individually or with a small group. It is Latin for “Divine Reading”. I find it useful for slowing down my reading of Scripture to listen to Holy Spirit and to be more open to revelation. How it works The step […]

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Edinburgh Outreach

Written by Kristan Christian Hello friends! I’m Kristan Christian from India. I was a student in the mobile DTS with YWAM Scotland. It was a breathtaking experience! I had such an amazing time and I felt like God was with me every single moment and wherever I went. He is so good! This is a […]

Learning to Live with Jesus

Written by: Zoe Matchett Hi this is Zoe, often called Ian’s daughter learning to live with Jesus which is great most of the time but can sometimes be quite a lot to live up to. This blog is about learning to live with Jesus. Most of the time I can get involved in a lot […]


Representing Christ in the Ordinary

Written by: DTS student from our September DTS 2019 This is a testimony about our lives and actions representing Christ, whatever we do, and how someone is always listening or watching.  The hostel It was about midway through the week of our mid-term outreach in Inverness. After our group had been singing worship songs in […]


A Trust in God

Written by: Debbie Phenix Our journey to Scotland My story might be a bit different from some, it is all about trust in God, so here it goes. Our journey started before 2014 but culminated in coming to Seamill to do the fall DTS in mid-September 2014.  We knew we were supposed to be in […]

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With a Mission Always

Written by: Heidi The beauty of being part of YWAM (in my case at YWAM Seamill) is the freedom to follow God’s leading when He speaks within the simple but profound context of “To know God and make Him known”. This leads to being with a mission always. We are two single women of very […]


Divine Disruption

Painting and blog post written by: G.H. The Arrival Things escalated fast! First rumours from distant lands. Stories heard from China of a mysterious growing virus. Then, news of the spread to surrounding nations. Before we had the time to look up from our screens, the rude intruder ‘COVID-19’ was on our doorstep demanding that […]