We are blessed with a beautiful building and grounds to use as a place to live, work, and gear up to build His Kingdom.

Built between 1893 and 1902, the Seamill Centre was originally a convalescent home, and it was first opened for the reception of convalescents in 1896. A stained glass window above the west stair case reminds us of this history as it depicts six of the men on the original building committee. They wanted a bright and spacious building in a congenial setting, and they were not disappointed. The Seamill Centre is within easy walking distance of the Seamill beach, the glen, and West Kilbride’s shops, churches, and public transportation.

In 1973, it was purchased by Strathclyde Regional Council and was run as a Teachers’ Training Centre until 1993.  

Then, in February of 1994, YWAM Scotland became the owners. Now the Seamill Centre is being used to honor both legacies: as a place of restoration and training, to holistically prepare Christians to go to every nation as Christ’s representatives.